Sunday, February 10, 2008

Polaroid phases out film production

It would seem that Polaroid, known for photographic prints that develop within moments, is getting out of the film business. According to this article from, the company is shutting down production plants and has already halted production of many of their instant cameras.

With the advent of better and more powerful digital cameras and mobile phone camera technology, traditional optical/film photography (even the Instamatic kind) is slowly fading away. Photography supply companies are all trying to adapt to the new technology, but as we all know, "Technological Darwinism" is a cruel and ruthless mistress to those who are not nimble enough to meet her standards..

If you're a fan of the Polaroid film, I'd suggest you start hoarding film for your camera. Once they are gone, the only place you'll see them is in museums or in digital pictures within encyclopedic/historic entries in some wiki about old technology.

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