Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Future Without the Smell of Poop

I was reading the Pensacola News Journal's web site this morning and one of their featured articles is about the begining of construction of a new Escambia county wastewater treatment plant.

This means that we're one step closer to having our Downtown area not smell like a sewer during certain days in the hot summer.
"By June 2010, a new plant in central Escambia County is expected to be up and running, a massive $302 million project that Sorrell said should please anyone concerned about Escambia County's economic and environmental future. It will replace the old Main Street wastewater treatment plant downtown."
If you want to read the article click here. It should be live for about a week. After that, you'll have to go their archives to read it. Unfortunately, the archives aren't free. And yes, I know that sounds crappy.

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