Sunday, April 6, 2008

Victory Declared!

I'm declaring victory over one of my more stubborn personal computers which refused to update its system files without ruining something on the system.

For some odd reason, doing a normal Windows Update caused my ATI TV Wonder card to go on the blink. So I went to Google to look up my problem and see if anyone has anything that resembles my issue and maybe have a quick and easy solution. What I found made me mad because there were literally hundreds of different causes to error code that I was getting. It turned out to be a generic catch-all code which could really mean anything.

I tried several of the suggested remedies but none worked. I tried doing a system roll-back but that only solved the problem until Windows started to update itself again.

After hours of arguing with my computer, I decided to uninstall the software and try to reinstall the original software. This usually fixes things 90% of the time but it didn't do anything but cause more problems. So, I had no choice but to go to the ATI web site to look for new drivers, but to my joyful surprise (read: sarcasm), found the site has now been assimilated by the AMD web site.

Apparently the AMD chip makers had bought out ATI at some point. I do recall reading something about the acquisition on Google. Now, I don't care about this merger/buy out/whatever. What I did care about is that they didn't preserve the ATI web site. All the knowledge base links on the CD that may had held the solution to my problem now all point to the main home page of the AMD web site.

After hours of reading, I found what I needed and reinstalled the software. I managed to get almost everything running right. I can't change the skins/appearance of the players but at least they are now playing video files and the TV. After spending 10 hours on this, I am declaring victory and overlooking the small glitches. Sure that decision will probably bite me in the ass later, but I'm tired now and I really want a cold beer.

So, I'm shutting down and wishing all of you a good night.

Ciao! ByteMonkey singing off!

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