Monday, April 21, 2008

WiFi Addiction or is it the Chicken?

I really think that I have a bad case of WiFi addiction. I'm here at the Chick-fil-a mooching off the WiFi from Starbucks next door. The bad thing about this is that I paid $10 to connect to the WiFi.

Sure, I could've gone somewhere else for lunch where they offered free WiFi since I'm usually the last person to pay for anything that is available for free. But today, I was weak. I had this need to check my email while I was in line to buy my chicken sandwich. So, I paid the idiot toll and it cost me $10.

The reason for my craving to get to my email is that I am bidding on a project that could net me some serious monkey money. If I win this project, then I might be able to buy that Asus EEE PC that I've been eyeing. Hell, I could probably buy ten of them. LOL.

Well, it looks like they haven't posted the project winner. I guess I'll have to continue torturing myself by shutting off the laptop and eating my chicken sandwich.

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