Saturday, May 10, 2008

Blogging in the Park

I managed to snag a WiFi signal at the Bayview Park, so I'm taking the opportunity to post something (anything!) while I'm here.

I'm not really sure what is happening here at the park, but it looks like there's some kind of gathering. I'm guessing it's some church group having a weekend picnic. Most likely they are having some kind of Mother's day picnic.

As for me, I'm out and about running errands and fixing computers again. I'm begining to think that all the owners of the computers that I've had to clean this week may know each other. Most of them had the same kind of infection. They probably spread the damn thing through email.

All I can say to people is to make sure that you update your antivirus program daily at the minimum and keep your firewall running. If you turn them off for any reason, then try to remember to turn them back on. It only takes one infection to ruin your computer and your day.

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