Saturday, May 10, 2008

Loitering at the Bookstore: Episode 768

So, here I am again at the Barnes & Noble Bookstore. I come here so often that this place almost feels like an extension of my home. It's like my personal library.

Before I caved in to opening up my laptop, I did managed to read a couple of computer magazines and part of the first chapter of some sci-fi book that I decided was horrible and therefore didn't warrant mentioning by name.

Frank Sinatra is playing on the Muzak system. I guess they're pushing his songs since he's getting a postage stamp. I think his music is lost and severely underappreciated by the young crowd doing homework in the store's cafe.

As for me, I'm just chilling out. I'll probably hit the comic book /graphic novels section in a little while and see if there's anything new. I'll probably hit the SF section again and see if I can rectify my poor choice from before. Maybe there's a new Orson Scott Card book I can page through.

Today has been exausting. Despite my efforts to not fix anymore computers, I got a call from someone begging me to fix their machine. I guess I'm just too good of a person because I used up most of what was supposed to be my free day working on their pc.

Hmm. My laptop's battery meter is bleeping at me. Looks like my battery is going out. Let me finish by saying that I am tired. I hope that tomorrow I can be less productive or at the very least be away from computers. I intend to do one thing productive and that is my laundry.

BTW. Don't forget to wish your mom a happy mother's day!!!

ByteMonkey signing off....

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