Saturday, August 23, 2008

Apple Bluetooth Mouse by Rocketfish

I wanted to free up the usb ports on my Asus Eee PC 901XP, so I decided to go shopping for a bluetooth mouse.

There wasn't much to choose from at the local BestBuy and neither Circuit City and Walmart carried any bluetooth mice locally in their stores. All of the bluetooth mice at BestBuy were about the same price of $50, give or take a dollar and a couple of pennies. Among the selections were some offerings from Microsoft, Targus, Apple, and Rocketfish.

After considering form factor, style, and price, I decided to go with the Rocketfish Apple Bluetooth Mouse. It was the cheapest of the bunch coming in at $47 plus the white color of the mouse matches the Eee PC. Despite being designed to be used with Mac products, the standard HID bluetooth protocls made this mouse work seamlessly with my system.

Now, I have more open usb ports to plug my flash drives into. For anyone who owns an Eee PC, having free usb ports is a blessing if you're one who has started to run out of hard drive space.


  1. hey - i just got my 901xp and the same mouse, but it isn't just connecting simply. Did you have any issues at all? I've never sucessfully used bluetooth on a pc so maybe i'm just doing some thing wrong?

  2. Can you confirm that the bluetooth is actually turned on on the netbook? Sometimes, it will disable itself after some Windows updates.