Friday, January 30, 2009

Lessons Learned from Best Buy

Here's what I learned from my little quibble with BB:

1.If you spend more than $2500 at BB you become a Premier Silver Reward Zone member.

2.To maintain Premier Silver membership status, you must spend $2500 while you are a member or earn the equivalent Reward Zone points.

3.Employees at Best Buy will tell you that if you get a Best Buy Reward Zone Master Card, so you can “easily” earn points faster since you can use it at places other than Best Buy.

4.When you get a Best Buy Reward Zone Master Card, they will create a new basic Reward Zone account and not a Premier Silver account for you. Congratulations! You will now be maintaining two accounts.

5.When you buy stuff with your Best Buy Reward Zone Master Card at Best Buy, you will not qualify for any Premier Silver promotions (like free CD’s, DVD’s or earn triple points). You must pay with a different credit card or use cash and then use your old Premier Silver Reward Zone card.

6.You will contact Best Buy and ask why your points aren’t showing on your Premier Silver account. You will ask to consolidate accounts but will be told that they have system limitation that prevents them from merging accounts.

7.Best Buy can transfer your points from your Premier Silver account into your Basic Account if you would like, but they will not upgrade your basic account. If you do this, I won’t lose my respect for your intelligence.

8.Points earned using your Best Buy Reward Zone Master Card does not go towards keeping your original Premier Silver status. You must spend another $2500 in one year at Best Buy using your Master Card to upgrade your new basic Reward Zone membership account to Premier Silver Status.

9.Customer service at Best Buy are very responsive but have become trapped by their own system limitations.

10.You will feel like an idiot for getting a Best Buy Reward Zone Master Card during an economic recession. You don’t need another credit card and more credit card debt.

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  1. Wow! I thought I was the only one having that exact same problem. I called and called and they promise a follow up, but never do. What is the point of Premier Silver status anyway if they they prevent those customers from have just one account. I signed up for the added reward points, but it has been a pain in my butt ever since.

  2. I have the exact same problem. I was told that I would get my mastercard with the same member id as before and even told it to the guy on the phone helping me with setting up my reward zone mastercard. Now that I have gotten my mastercard it has a completely different member id on it. I am a premium silver member on one account and have a couple hundred points and wanted to add to that, not start a new account. I am calling Mastercard tomorrow and best buy rewardzone to get something straightened out even if I have to wait hours. My opinion of Best Buy has gone down significantly over the past 6 months.