Wednesday, March 18, 2009

On Books, Movies, and Commercials

For the last few weeks, a plot for a conspiracy story has been brewing in my head.

Last night, I tried out my story idea with one of my friends. He told me that my story would probably make a good movie and that he was insterested in taking a stab at writing the screenplay for it. So, if you see a movie about hackers manipulating the stock market to destroy a country, check the credits and see if my name shows up. (I'm not going to post details about my story here since I know there are people out there who would steal it without thinking twice). For the mean time, I will work on writing it as a novel and see how that goes.

Today at work, I pitched my idea for our company's image commercial. So far, the boss thinks there's potential and doesn't hate it. Other people that I soft-pitched too seem receptive and gave positive comments, but I wasn't sure if they were just trying to be nice. So now, it goes up to the big boss for his critique. If it survives that gauntlet and it gets approved for production, then I may actually have just put together my first television commercial. I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope it goes through with little revision.

Lately, my brain has been buzzing with way too many ideas. I've been having a hard time falling asleep and I usually end up writing or drawing things in my notebook, or playing puzzle-type video games. I have also been refurbishing a couple of old video game consoles for fun, which usually leads me to lose track of time and go on without much sleep.

So something is definately making my brain synapses go into over drive. Whatever is going on, I just hope I don't burn out.

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