Thursday, March 19, 2009

Portable Microwave Oven? What's Next?

I know that I live under a virtual rock and a lot things do get by me, but there was one thing that passed me by that I totally regret not noticing. This one thing is the portable microwave oven.

I guess I was just way too preoccupied with my work and with saving the Internet from itself that I totally missed humanity's need for such a device. All those times that I was working on clever scripts and writing code, I could have been spending it developing something to meet this obvious necessity. For this, I apologize to the world

How many times have I been driving around in my car and suddenly have a craving for fresh microwave popcorn? All the time!!!

Well a company named iCubed apparently noticed the need for this type of device and has stepped up to fill this big void in our lives by inventing the "iwavecube 2.0" portable microwave oven. They have even kept in theme with all the other portable personal devices that you now carry with you by offering them in an assortment of colors.

All in all, the only thing I can really say is "Wow!" We still haven't found a cure the common cold but we obviously can build portable food nukers because this was something that humanity could use. Visit for more info about the device.
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