Saturday, March 7, 2009

Who Watches the Watchmen? I DID!!!

Last night, I stood in line to see the Watchmen movie like so many others across the country. You could tell from the chatter who were the die-hard fans of the comics, the friends they dragged, and those who just didn’t have anything else better to do. As for me, I fell into that last category.

In regards to the comic, I never really read Watchmen when it first came out since I was living in another country then. Though, I do remember seeing the reprints on the shelves in the comic book stores, but I never really paid much attention to it despite everyone raving about them.

I was content with following my Spider-man, Captain America, and Gen 13 comics. Eventually, I managed to read a compilation of the series during one of my slow nights at Barnes & Noble. It was a decent read. The story line was interesting and intriguing, but I thought it was too serious for a comic book which is probably what made it so popular people.

The movie stayed definitely true to the comic. I won’t mention any details, so, as to not spoil it for those haven’t seen it yet. Parents do be aware. The imagery in the movie, as awesome as they are, does match the tone set in the comic books. Dr. Manhattan is naked as he was in the comic books.

The period music was appropriate, but I was bit confused with the use of Simon & Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence” since I’m pretty sure that was from the 70’s and not the 1985, but the song did match the scene that it was used in.

The acting was a bit rough while the movie was still setting up, but once the story got going, it does smooth itself out. The sex scenes were done tastefully in my opinion. They weren’t anything that hasn’t been done in a movie before. Maybe it’s a first for a costumed-superhero movie, but nothing any normal, well-balanced person should be upset about.

The story was a very interesting study of character, consequences, ethics, and morals. All are wonderful and necessary ingredients in making a good story. The movie shows you the different reasons why these people became superheroes and how they dealt with their changing environment. Different personalities, different backgrounds, and different lifestyles are all touched by this movie. The concept choosing the “Greater Good” or being unwavering with one’s virtues and beliefs is also an integral element in the movie. Also, don’t expect this movie to have the typical “all-is-well-that-ends-well” Hollywood ending. The comic book didn’t, so don’t expect the movie to change.

All in all, I think people should see it. Do keep in mind that it’s a grown-up movie and your kids will probably not like it. This isn’t like Batman, Superman, or Spider-man. This movie deals with complex issues and themes. It’s a welcomed change to the mind-numbing, children-targeted superhero films out there.

Watchmen is for those who loved comic books and have now grown up. It is a movie that expects its viewers to be a bit more mature than the average horny teenager. It’s a movie that appeals to your understanding of history and human nature. It’s a movie that requires be old enough to know that doesn’t usually go the way think it will and that we are all here just dealing with life as it comes.

Enough of my babbling, Go see the movie!

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