Friday, May 29, 2009

Beam Me Up, Scotty!!!

I got bored last night and decided to read up on hacking my cell phone to try to personlize it beyond what is typically customizable to normal users.

As I trolled the web, I discovered how to change the "open slide" tone for a Motorola ROKR Z6m. Apparently, it's not really that hard and you can read up on how to access the phone's file system to overwrite the ROKR's open.mp3 file at

Please know that I do not recommend for anyone to do this unless they are sure of what they are doing. Doing things the wrong way can lead to you bricking your phone. Plus, hacking your phone's firware is a sure way to void your warranty. (Mine has been out of warranty for a while now.) So, if you have a new phone, don't even try thinking about doing this.

Now that I learned how to access the hidden file system of my phone, I decided to feed my inner Trek Geek and replace the "open slide" tone with the Star Trek TOS communicator chirp.

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