Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fun at an Anime Convention

This past weekend, an old friend asked me if I wanted to go to the first Amine convention in Mobile, Alabama. Being the Anime fan that I am, I decided I would check it out on Saturday. The convention was held at the Renaissance Riverview Plaza Hotel from June 5-7th.

All in all, the event seemed humbly small. It wasn’t as grand and elaborate as some of the convention that I had been to in the past, but it was a good freshman effort. Hopefully, they’ll get much better next year.

When I attended on Saturday, they were having the costume judging. Lost of kids were dressed up as their favorite anime characters and sci-fi characters.

If you want to learn more about the event, you can visit for more details.

Below is a quick video that I took from the event. More pics are available in my Photoblog.

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