Monday, June 1, 2009

My Picture posts on Utterli is Not Rendering

Dear @UtterliTeam

I'd like to know when I can expect a fix for my cellphone picture posts through Cellular South not rendering correctly on Utterli. It's been literally over six months since I last heard from you and nothing has been fixed. Please let me know if this something that you can not or do not want to fix. I'd like to know so I can say my goodbyes to everyone.

I have come to realize that there are other services out there that is similar to Utterli which will actually work with my cellphone company, and despite being a loyal user since the days of Utterz, I have decided that I have to move on if this issue can not be resolved.

Don't get me wrong. I have come to love this community of quirky people, and I would feel really terrible if I have to leave. But more and more, I'm sensing that Utterli is dying. I think everyone has noticed that site's front page is way outdated, and there really hasn't been any significant improvements or changes done in a very long time with the exception of the phone number changing.

Overall, I really liked Utterz/Utterli. It literally gave people a voice on the Internet and added a new dimension to people's posting beyond text and pictures. But the lack of support and lack of compatibility with my cellphone company makes it difficult for me recommend it to many of my friends who are also on Cellular South,
All in all, I know you guys are probably really busy. So, if I don't hear anything from you relatively soon, then I'll take that as an acknowlegement that you either don't care or you can't fix the problem. Either way, there is a fork in the road for me and your answer determines which road I take.



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