Monday, August 10, 2009

In a state of "Broke-Broke"

Well folks, I'm broke-broke. My main computer that I use at home died and I had plunk down some serious cash to get a replacement. If it weren't for the side-projects that I need to finish up rather soon, then I probably would've waited a few more weeks before getting a new computer.

At the moment, I'm ldown $900 dollars. I'm hoping that my side projects will be able to help cover this untimely expense, but I was really hoping that this money would help me get ahead with all my bills.

This whole event wasn't something unexpected. For a while now, I noticed that there was something wrong with my laptop and I've been trying my best to patch things up and work around the problems that annoyingly kept popping up. The fact that the machine would randomly reboot itself and give me more and more blue screens of death and hardware errors was a sure sign that I needed to make plans to get a replacement, but I didn't think this would happen anytime soon. To be honest, I was hoping it wouldn't happen until I got paid for my projects.

At the moment, I'm moving my files off of the old hard drive and into a one of my external usb drives. I have hooked both of them to my netbook and it is taking a very long time to move my files. Honestly, I don't think the netbook was designed for this task, but it's the only system I have access to that's working right now. I'm not worried about my data though. I have disc images of the hard drive and back ups on several other drives.

I'll write about what I chose as a replacement system in another post. Right now, I need to get by programs, applications, etc. installed and get back to work.

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