Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Site Design

Well, I got tired of looking at the old site and decided it was time to do a redesign.

I've been yearning to do something a bit more fun and creative. At work, I'm trapped within the approved templates and scripts and working in them is not something that I would really consider fun. It's a very intense and tedious task that requires you to deal with a lot of "spaghetti code." Let's not even talk about the departmental politics that have to be always considered. Patience is not just a virtue at my workplace. It's a required skill.

So, whenever I have a chance to work on my own sites, I take it as an opportunity to dust off some of my web design skills that I don't usually always use at work (Such as my PhotoShop skills and JavaScript/VB scripting). The whole thing is quite a cathartic process.

With this version of my site, I decided that the monkey needed to wear some clothes, since he is supposed to be at work and someone who considers himself more evolved than the average monkey.

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