Monday, October 19, 2009

Disrespected by a Weirdo

While eating lunch with my coworkers today, we encountered a weirdo who decided to loudly play her music from her laptop while she ate. For a while, she ate her salad without any utensils despite being on the table for her to use.

Now, I'm all for listening to music while your eating. I have found that that music sometimes helps with digestions, but do keep your music to yourself when you're dining out at a public restaurant. Some people, like me, just want to have a peaceful and relatively quite lunch break.

For God's sake, this is the exact reason why we invented headphones and ear buds so as to not bother other people with one's music. If you're reading this, Ms. Weirdo, please consider using them next time.

I'm not usually for picking on people, but this whole thing rubbed me the wrong way. I understand people's right for the pursuit of happiness, but your rights are now infringing on my rights. So now I have to invoke my right of expression to let you know that you're actions are irking the rest of the world.

Now, if you're mentally handicapped or neurologically damaged then I'll let you slide because those are the only two excuses I'll accept. If you're socially underdeveloped (or your momma didn't teach you no frakking manners), then perhaps you should get some psychological help. Maybe, you should consider getting a life coach, or maybe just consider getting take-out or delivery.

To sum up, keep your annoyingly loud weirdo music to yourself.

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