Wednesday, February 10, 2010

And So We Shift

Hopefully you've noticed that this blog has shifted from being on and now on to This because Blogger, owned by Google, has decided to discontinue support for FTP service for bloggers who host their blogs on their own servers. (Here's the official announcement).

Blogger decided that FTP users were too much of a drain on their resources and decided that everyone of their users should just use their '' servers. They claim that this will increase performance and allow users to use new features that were only available to those who chose to host their blogs on blogspot.

As a consolation, Blogger does offer a paid custom domain name service which will allow users to have their custom web address that is not tied to their '' domain name. Unfortunately, this does not help people who already have their own registered domain name. These people will ultimately have to reconfigure their domain to resolve to the '' server and correct for any orphaned links.

All in all, it's just one big giant headache for FTP publishers, but Blogger has promised to provide some migration documents for anyone willing to spend their time correcting and patching their blogs. Although, I suspect that most FTP publishers will probably choose to abandon the service and seek out other blogging platforms like WordPress or Drupal. To be honest, if you're looking at spending hours to patch your blog so it will work with someone else's domain name, you'll probably want to consider starting fresh with something that has proven to be stable and well-supported by communities of users just so you can keep your domain name.

As for me, I've decided to just shift this blog into '' Sure it was tedious, but I actually enjoy working with code. The domain will remain and will contain the portal page to my various online blogging accounts. I'll also be hosting my pictures on my server because I don't trust Google's communal servers.

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