Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Avatar Bluray Blues

Last Thursday, I bought the Bluray disc for Avatar and discovered that it doesn't work well with my less than 2-year old SHARP BD-HP22 Bluray disc player.

Being a techie, I knew that some of the newer Bluray discs would require a firmware upgrade. Without hesitation, I went to the SHARP website, downloaded the latest firmware and easily installed it. It was a very painless process, but my happiness would not last, as I discovered that the firmware update did not fix my problem. With the Avatar Bluray disc, some kind of time-line pops up during the movie every 3 minutes and stays up for about 10 seconds of so. It is very annoying and keeps anyone from enjoying the movie.

I contacted SHARP via Twitter (@SHARP_USA) but they refuse to respond or acknowledge the issue. I guess they just want me to chunk my faily new BD player and buy a new one which is something that is unacceptable. SHARP needs to support all their current devices. It's not like I'm asking for technical support for a 80's tape deck. This is a bloody Bluray disc player. This is current technology.

I fully intend to tweet everyday about this issue until I get an official statement from them. If I get any response, I'll make sure to let all of you know.

Below is a Youtube clip of a similar issue being experienced by Samsung Bluray players. Obviously, the problem is not limited to SHARP. Hopefully, all the BD player makers can get together and fix this issue. If they don't, they'll have a lot of pissed-off consumers who may decided to boycott Bluray discs.

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