Sunday, April 18, 2010

Utterli is Dead, Jim

It looks like is dead.

Once known to it's users as Utterz, the site provided users a way to post audio, video, and pictures online. More uniquely, the service allowed users to make voice posts by calling a phone number which literally gave it's users a "voice" on the Internet. Utterz/Utterli posts was also able to replay one's post to other blog services like Blogger, Tumblr, and WordPress, turning the service into a sort of online posting hub.

Ever since Utterz was re-branded as Utterli by it's owners, RPM Communications, Inc., user support and service seemed to slowly decline. Personally, I left Utterli after I could not get any support to resolve my picture messaging problem which other competing services had solved very easily and quickly. I still kept my account open so that I could listen in to other people's post but my involvement eventually waned as most of the users migrated to other services like Twitter or Facebook. Many left because of the lack of tech support. Others were tired of seeing too many spammers joining and disrupting conversations.

Although never confirmed by RPM Communications, many user believed that the change from Utterz to Utterli was an attempt to make the service more attractive to investors or perhaps to other companies who might be interested in buying the service. There was an underlying feeling among the users that the company wasn't quite doing so well after administrators and support techs suddenly disappeared and the site's homepage was never updated after the rebranding.

Although, I had moved on to other services, I still feel sad to see Utterz/Utterli go. I met and conversed with a lot of great and talented people that I respect and admire. It was also place that offered a glimpse at many varying life styles and point-of-views of the people in the United States and beyond.

The service's demise now leaves many of it's orphaned users having to clean up their blogs and remove all the broken links that link back to Utterli. Since there was no warning to site's closing, users were not able to back up their postings. All of the users data was subsequently lost from the closing.

We all knew the party wouldn't last forever. All good things in life do eventually come to an end.

Goodbye Utterz. Goodbye Bessie the Cow. Goodbye yellow and green leaf-lemon thing. Good bye Utterli. You will all be missed.


  1. It just can't be.... no no no.....dead you say? It was just the other day I climbed the jungle gym of creative zest with my friend Utterz, we laughed and cried while pointing fingers at all the people who didn't understand. All my rants and raves now lay silently spinning not in some dusty warehouse :( to be never heard again.... dios mio


  2. Same.

    No site has managed to duplicate Utterz's features exactly. I wonder if anyone ever will.

  3. I'm totally bummed! I keep thinking it's just temporary and I keep going to see if it's back up with all the audio journals I poured myself into. I feel like I lost some family heirlooms in a fire, ya know? No body knows of a way to retrieve those do they?!

  4. I'm pretty sure Utterli long gone and any there's no chance of retrieving any our voice posts.