Monday, May 24, 2010

Death of a Netbook

It was bound to happen but I didn’t know it would end this way. Last Friday, my trusty ASUS Eee PC 1000HE netbook died as a result of accidental coffee spillage at McDonald’s. I knew I would have to eventually get a new netbook at some point, but I was hoping that it would be due to obsolescence and not as something stupid having coffee being spilled on it.

Although replacing the netbook would definitely be an inconvenience, it is not what irks me about the whole incident. I guess I’m more bothered by the woman who bumped into me causing me to drop my coffee into my computer. Sure, she apologized but it did not seem very sincere. She said that she was sorry but that she had to go because she was running late and had to pick up her son from school. She did not offer to fix my computer, nor did she leave me any way of contacting her. She just gave me some napkins, apologized a couple of times, and then left. I looked like a putz shaking my netbook around trying to dry it.

At this point, there’s nothing I can do. My memory of what she looked like is already fading away and I doubt anyone would just step up and say it was them.

Before the day was over, I did manage to buy a replacement netbook. I picked-up a Toshiba NB305 netbook at BestBuy. Thank goodness for my ‘rainy day’ fund.

I did learn a couple of things about this experience. I was reminded that one should never drink near laptops. You can replace a desktop keyboard if you spill coffee into it, but it's a lot more detrimental when it happens to a laptop. Also, I learned not to expect everyone to be good people and do the honorable thing. In a situation like mine, if I had to do it again, I would have asked for her name and her contact information up front and to let her know that I might need her to cover the repairs. I guess now I know and knowing is half the battle.

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