Friday, May 14, 2010

Sharp Electronics is Pure Awesomeness!

If you've been following my blog posts or my tweets, you'd know that I've been having problems with my less than 1-year old Sharp BD-HP22U Blu-ray disc player and was eventually instructed to send it back to Sharp for repairs. When I came home yesterday, I was surprised to see that my Blu-ray player was quickly returned to me and I'm ecstatic to tell you that it is now working flawlessly.

I'm not sure what was exactly wrong with my BD player. I haven't been re-contacted by Sharp to explain what was wrong and what they did to fix it, but based on the amount of time it was with them, the fix must have been simple. I'm going to guess that they flushed out the old firmware and replaced with a new one, but that's just speculation. I'll let you know once I hear something from them.

At this point, I want to give credit where credit is due. I want to thank a few people at Sharp for helping me fix my blu-ray player.

I want to thank Martha Harvey at Sharp's Strategic Marketing & Communications Division in Mahwah, New Jersey for responding to my tweets and connecting me to right people to troubleshoot my player. I believe Martha is the person (if not one of them) who is behind @Sharp_USA on Twitter.

I want to thank customer specialists Neybel Martinez and Athanasios “Tom” Tolios at the Customer Assistance Center in Romeoville, Illinois. Neybel listened and worked with me to troubleshoot my player and Tom helped me in shipping it to them when we ran out of things to try.

All in all, I'm very happy at the response that I got from Sharp. It's very rare to find a company that a company that actually listens to their customers and are willing to help them solve their problems. What I experienced with Sharp has made me a true fan. I now feel a lot more confident in choosing them to meet my electronics need and I make no hesitation to recommend them to others.

Again, thank you Sharp for fixing my blu-ray player. You've just made this ByteMonkey into a happy monkey.

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