Monday, July 19, 2010

QR Codes: Not Just for People with Smart Phones

Recently, I discovered an online service that bridges the technology gap in regards to decoding QR codes for non-smartphones users. A company called MSKYNET launched a beta version of a MMS/eMail QR decoding service in April of 2010. (Source: Article)

MSKNET's QR decoding services works on the principle that you can send a picture message (MMS) or email an image to a specific email address where their computer servers will translate your QR code and then reply back to you with the decode information MMS/Email. The email address for this service is GO@SPARQ.IT.

Warning: Do keep in mind that although the service is free, any picture message/email data rates from your cellphone service provider still applies. If you are not in an unlimited plan, you will be charged for sending and receiving the reply. Also, if the message inside the QR code is lenghty, you may receive several reply messages.

So let's have some QR fun. If you have a QR code reader on your smart phone (if not, search your phone's app market) or if you have a camera phone with picture messaging and you're fine with using GO@SPARQ.IT method in this post, go ahead and snap a picture of the QR code in this post and let me know what it says in the comments section.

Also, let me know what kind of phone you have so I can get basic idea of what kind of phones people are using these days. Let QR decoding begin!

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