Monday, February 16, 2015

Customer Service via Social Media: Who's Doing It Right

Social media has become an acceptable way of communicating with companies. Most major companies have some kind of social media presence, usually on Facebook or Twitter, that allow their customers to reach out to them with their questions or concerns. Consequently, the responses that customers usually receive vary in quality and timeliness. Based on my recent personal experience, AT&T has demonstrated that they are quite capable in providing great customer service using social media.

Quite recently, I had to reach out to AT&T's Customer Care team on Twitter to report that the land line at my elderly parent's home was not working right. It seemed that they had DSL internet service but there was no dial-tone coming through their telephone. This is not a good scenario for elderly people who have a greater need to call out for medical or emergency services such as 911.

Within minutes of tweeting @ATTCares, I received instructions to follow them and to send a direct (private) message to them with some details about service issue. Having reached out to them several months before to resolve a DSL connection issue, AT&T already had most of the information they needed (contact info, account info, location verification, etc) to start the process of resolving our problem. Perhaps it was just luck or perfect timing, but literally within fifteen minutes, there was an AT&T technician at our knocking at doorstep and he was letting us know that they would be working on fixing our phone line.

To say the least, I was impressed by the quick response time. I was even more impressed when I realized it was Sunday, a day when most companies are closed. In the end, the phone line was fixed and I have two happy elderly parents who had been freaking out at the loss of their phone service. (I'm still working on getting them to start using a cellphone but that is turning out to be an impossible task).

 All in all, I'm happy that AT&T was able to resolve our problem rather quickly. As it turned out, the telecom line that we were on was damaged. Granted, this kind of response time  is definitely not the norm, but I'm happy with how they handled this particular issue. Making your elderly parent happy and safe (now that they can dial 911 if there was a problem) is also a plus.

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