Monday, February 9, 2015

Developing the Write Habits

I have come to conclusion that I need to develop a writing habit. I need to try to compose something at least once a day (if not more). What I write doesn't need to be a grand opus. I just need to re-learn to be able to sit down and focus on writing.

For me, writing content requires more focus than building and designing websites. I've been making web sites for over 15 years and most of the skills involved in making them comes to me without any effort. As for writing, I've become quite rusty. I have gotten spoiled by having access to professional content writers for my web projects. Using Twitter has also ruined me with it's limited character count. Sure, Twitter has helped me learn to distill my ideas, and my thoughts into short, precise, and sometimes creative messages, but it didn't do much for my full-length writing skills.

Being able to write more than 140 characters is actually quite liberating. I feel like I can convey my message with a lot more clarity. Coincidentally, this blog may become the place where I can expand on topics that would be too limiting (or very annoying to keep posting) with Twitter. (Sorry, I'm still not going back to Facebook). 

On a side note, I noticed that I didn't post a thing in 2014. Not a single post. That's sad. I hope to rectify this in 2015.

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