Saturday, June 28, 2008

Virgin buys Helio for $39 million

Yesterday, Virgin Mobile USA announced that they will pay $39 million in stock to buy the high- end niche wireless mobile service provider, Helio.

Will this mean that Virgin Mobile users will have access to the fancy phones that Helio offers? I guess only time will tell. Since both company utilizes the Sprint Network, any improvements in coverage and call quality is in Sprint's hands.

Personally, I've been using Virgin Mobile since Hurricane Ivan hit Pensacola, Florida in 2004. The category five hurricane made me realized that everyone in my family needed a way to keep in touch in the event that we were separated during an evacuation. So, I headed out to the Target store and bought a couple of phones.

I managed to get the phones set up just in time before the storm made landfall and the powers went out. Luckily, we didn't have to evacuate out of the state. The cell phone did prove useful in contacting our relatives and friends to let them know that we were okay since the phone lines were down for several weeks.

Even with my post-paid mobile phone service with Cellular South, I still keep a Virgin Mobile pre-paid phone in my hurricane kit just to be safe.

To read more about Virgin & Helio, click here for's article or Helio Press Release page

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