Monday, July 7, 2008

Wine Wednesdays

A little birdie told me that Carrabba's Italian grill is starting "Wine Wednesdays" in their Florida restaurants and also a wine naming contest starting in July.

Since there isn't much to do in Pensacola, I think this could be an interesting distraction in the middle of the week. Plus, this monkey is always down for some good spaghetti or veal marsala.

So, if you order a bottle of wine during "Wine Wednesdays," you'll get $10 off the wine when you order it with your meal. Looking back, I wish they had this last month. I would've probably saved a lot of money. Did I mention I like wine? I like wine. A LOT.

As far as the wine naming, the contest is a national one. So everyone can enter that. You can read about the contest and the prizes at

So go eat pasta, drink wine, and name a bottle of wine. (You might win a year's worth of Carrabba's dinner! Try to equate that to gasoline money. I know. Mind boggling).

If you're from Pensacola, let me know what you think of "Wine Wednesdays." I’ll be packing my camera whenever I go so expect some pics at my photoblog. (Too bad utterz still won’t accept my MMS or I’d be posting it as I go there).

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