Saturday, August 9, 2008

Winding Down the Party

As my vacation draws to an end, I decided to spend my last day at the beach with a few friends. Jen, Rodney, Mike, and I spent the afternoon baking in the sun and floating in the Gulf.

We ate lunch at Flounders and had dinner at Papa's Pizza on the Boardwalk. We ate and talked about the old times and the crazy experiences we had when we worked at the University.

The highlight of the day was the time we spent floating. We were in there for a couple of hours and I must say that my legs are very tired now.

I'm also dealing with a little sunburn which is something that I'm not really used to being that I am a Pacific Islander. I guess my skin isn't as young as it used to be, or maybe perhaps it's just way too frigging hot out there. So during my vacation, I had to quickly learn the proper use of sun screen.

When the sun set, we walked around the boardwalk at Casino Beach. We also found some stargazers out on the beach who showed us Jupiter and the Moon on their telescopes.

Now, as I blog this, I'm doing some late night laundry with my beach clothes. I want try to minimize any cleaning up that I might have to do tomorrow. Tomorrow, I think I'm going to sleep in and just chill out at home. Maybe I'll watch some dvds or play with my Eee PC some more.
All in all, I really had a blast during my birthday vacation. I think everyone who turns thirty needs to spend a week at the beach and get away from everything for a short while. so that you can celebrate the last 30 and then get ready for the next 30 ahead of you.

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