Friday, January 30, 2009

ByteMonkey's Letter to Best Buy

Dear Best Buy,

I just wanted to let you know that my RewardZone points that I am getting on my BestBuy Reward Zone MasterCard is not being reflected on my RewardZone Premier Silver account. It looks like my points are being collected at a Basic RewardZone account level into another account.

Originally, the reason I signed up for the BestBuy RewardZone MasterCard was because I was told that I would easily be able to maintain my Premier Silver Status if I used the card. Now that I have the credit card, I am told that points that I earn on the MasterCard are not going towards my Premier Silver account but into another basic account and that I now would have to manage two accounts. Seriously???

I honestly don't understand why my Premier Silver Account can't be tied to my BestBuy RewardZone MasterCard. If points earned using the RewardZone MasterCard doesn't help my Premier Silver account, then what is it really good for?

I talked to one of your customer service representatives and they tell me that I will just have to use my Master Card to the point that the Basic RewardZone account on it qualifies for Premier Silver status.

This basically tells me that my previous effort to get Premier Silver status was essentially useless and that I have do it all again for no discernable good reason.When trying to buy something online, I don't even qualify for free shipping if I use the MasterCard because it only has a basic RewardZone account set up.

At the store, the cashier refuses to scan my premier silver card and insists that they have to use the reward zone number on the back of the credit card. All in all, I hope that you can address this issue. I am hoping that I am an isolated case and that you easily can merge these two reward zone accounts. If not, then I must say that my respect for Best Buy is severely diminished.

So far this experience has left me feeling as if I have been duped by your store employees into getting another useless credit card which is something none of us really need in this economy.



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