Thursday, March 12, 2009

New iPod Shuffle is "Small"

The new iPod shuffle now sports 4 GB of disk space and about half the size of it's predecessor. They removed all the control buttons on the chassis and built them into the cord of their proprietary headphones. The also put Steven Hawkings's voice as your voice over announcer to give you your music track information.

This new tiny, sleek, suppository-like design and larger capacity, makes it now possible to have unsupervised children accidentally swallow/choke on more music than ever before. It also guarantees that you'll probably misplace the damn thing before the day is over.

The new buttonless design will eventually make you realize that you can't use your old generic headphone and that you'd better not loose the one that you get (or else you'll have to wait a while for a 3rd part to rip them off or pay ungodly amounts of money to Apple for a replacement).

Visit…odshuffle/ to learn more about the new Shuffle. Visit if you've swallowed one.

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