Saturday, May 2, 2009

Blogging from my Peek Pronto

I recently decided to get a Peek mobile email device as a way to access my email on-the-go without going broke, which is what would've happened if I got a Blackberry or an iPhone.

Someone argued with me that it would cost the same to get and operate a Blackberry if I just signed a 2-year contract. Well, I have no desire to sign a contract. I have been contract free since 2002 and I am not going back. Besides, it would cost me around $400 to get one without a contract and pay an extra $40 per month on top of my current phone plan. Compare that to the Peek which cost me about $80 and is $20 per month.

Don't get me wrong. I love my cellphone company and my Motorola ROKR cellphone. I just can't afford to spend more than I really need to. I think all of you can understand that. The Peek compliments my phone and bridges the gap between it and a smart phone.

The Peek is a very simple device. It does one thing: email. And it does it pretty well. I got the Peek Pronto and it's proving to be vey useful. I love the qwerty keyboard and the small form-factor of the device. It definitely meets my needs for getting email on-the-go.

You can learn more about the peek at

This was sent on the go from my Peek

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