Saturday, May 23, 2009

Terminator Salvation

Well, I caved-in and saw Terminator Salvation last Thursday night after being badgered into seeing it by my friends.

In my humble opinion, the movie did a greatjob of filling in the back story of how John Connor meet his future father Kyle Reese. Also in the movie, we actually get to see a personfied version of SkyNet as portrayed by Helena Bonham Carter. The homage to the to the original Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, was also very cool.

Everything else in the movie seemed very trite to me. The character of Marcus Wright’s struggle to accept the fact that he is a machine who eventually chose the side of humanity was not very surprising to me. I think I would have been more surprised if he sided with the humans. Plus, his self-sacrifice at the end felt like very obvious since it made no sense at all as to why SkyNet would make a robot with a human heart. For what is supposedly a very logical computer system, SkyNet seemed really dumnb for putting in such a flaw into her robotic design. The only reason I could see was that his heart would eventually play some kind element in wrapping up the story.

Overall, it was a decent action sci-fi/action movie and it ties in pretty well with the other Terminator movies. It's not a movie that I would probably see again unlike Star Trek. Terminator Salvation took itself too way seriously with all it's doom-and-gloom vibe as compared to Star Trek which was able to toss in a little bit comedy along side the sci-fi and action.

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  1. My two theories on the fact that Marcus still had a human heart:

    (1) perhaps to help him still think he's human- if he can feel his heart racing when he's stressed. Also, as in the scene with that pilot chick, when they got all cuddly and she says, "I love that sound."- Referring to the idea that humans have a heart beat, while machines do not- furthering his human facade.

    (2) Since he still had a human brain, maybe it still needed to be fed blood naturally. He appeared to still have a blood circulation system- possibly to feed those parts of the human body that the cybernetic portions could not.

    On a whole, I agree- it was good but was not "rock my face off" good. Gives me a sense that its just a lead into T5. A part of me was hoping that Skynet was going to retake control of Marcus- activate his sleeper programming during that scene where Marcus was looking through the Skynet database and he suddenly gets all headachy and yelly.. (Marcus & John did a lot of seemingly random primal yelling, I noticed... don't know what the purpose was of that.)

    Even some of the tender moments between John and his wife seemed like the director was like, "oh yeah... um... we should, like- have you guys kind of look like you're happy to be together or something... ok. moving on to the next scene."

    Ok. moving on myself. have a great day.