Saturday, August 7, 2010

Informal Poll Results

As promised, I am sharing the results of my mini poll on cell phone type usage in the Pensacola MSA area. To view the results click here.

The poll was a hybrid experiment in determining how easy it would be to use Google Docs to create a poll form and to also see what kind of phones people had in the area.

As someone on Twitter pointed out, the survey was not perfect because it originally did not include areas around the Pensacola area. People in Cantonment, Pace, and Milton, Florida were hesitant to answer as they thought they were excluded from the survey. By the time I redefined the target area, people have already moved on about their business.

Overall, the experiment was a success. I determined that creating survey forms with Google Docs is easy and free. It's perfect for small, informal surveys, but I believe professionals would be happier using services like since they provide more advanced options and controls. The survey part of the experiment could be better, but that was my fault for doing a better job of designing it.

At this point, I'll probably do this survey again, but I think I'll spend more time working on designing it than I did before.