Friday, November 1, 2013

Chromebooks: Not For People Who use Protected Zip Files

It's been almost a year since I bought my Samsung Chromebook. Overall, I'm mostly happy with it as a device for surfing the web, but as a productivity tool, I can certainly say that I am not a happy camper.

Here's some productivity quirks that I've recently encountered:

Password Protected Zip Files - If you ever have to deal with password-protected zipped files, then you should avoid the Google Chromebook like the plague. As of this posting, the Chromebook can not open password protected zip files. I've also read some posts online that password protected RAR files are also not supported by the Chromebook. Non-password prospected zip files work fine.  

Copy & Past Table Data - There are times when I need copy some table data from a website and paste it into a spreadsheet. Normally, you wouldn't think twice about doing this, but with the Google Chromebook, doing so will lead you to madness. For some stupid reason, the table formatting of certain data is lost when you paste it Google Sheet, Google's answer to MS Excel. It'll retain formatting when pasted in Google Docs, but some unholy reason it will not retain them in Google Sheets. Truth be told, I consider this faulty Cut & Paste function a grave sin.

Google touts the Chromebook as a laptop "For Everyone" but it's becoming more obvious that it is not. If you work with protected Zip files then the Chromebook is not for you. If you deal with collecting table-formatted data off the Internet, then the Chromebook is not for you.



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