Monday, March 21, 2016

Long Time No Post

Looking at my last post, it was about a year ago since I wrote anything here and most of you probably think this blog is dead. Well, it's not dead. I'm just slow to post anything lengthy or substantial these days.

Inbetween the moments of my life, I had found that tweeting a thought was much easier and faster. Writing on blogger required, at least for me, some dedicated time to focus and compose something meaningful. I would have to find some topic that I felt strongly about then do some research, and report back my personal conjectures and analysis.  It was a process that I once thoroughly enjoyed but have since overlooked as the demands of my work and personal life drain my energy for analytical focus.  Perhaps, this is the price of getting older.

For those curious about my social life, unlike this blog, that is pretty much dead at the moment. Most of my old friends have move on and other have changed in their personality that I barely recognize them. I would not say that I am replete of friends. I would say that I have more acquaintances now than I have friends which actually suits me better as, lately, my work life has required much of my focus that I make for a better acquaintance than a friend.

As of last year's post, I have picked up the hobby of repairing broken and old Game Boy systems. (You can see some of them on Instagram). This usually leads to some old school, retrogaming (Hmm, that might be redundant.)

I still enjoy reading and collecting comic books. Plus, I've added reading some Japanese manga to the mix. I really do enjoy collecting them and reading them is a welcomed distraction for the times when I really don't feel like sitting infront of any type of digital screen.

Bookwise, I'm about to start reading The Sword of Shannara Trilogy. Someone reccommended it to me a while ago, but I just didn't feel like reading it at the time. This is all happening because I recently successfully fixed my old neglected Kindle ebook reader and I need an ebook to test it with. So, I might as well test it with something I've been meaning to read.

Well, I guess that's it for now. I'll see if I can post again when I have some down time. I hope it doesn't take me another year to post again, but if it does... Hakuna Matata.